Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes you just want to scream and cry and punch until people see that what they're doing is the worst thing they could do for themselves. But you can't. It's their decision. And it's damn annoying.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What could possibly be better than writing about food?

I am so freakin' excited - we spent this weekend booking rooms and transportation for our 8 month belated honeymoon! I've never, ever been on a trip so big and wondrous. The farthest I've been from home is a toss-up between New Mexico and Las Vegas. I am so happy that we could have this opportunity. So here is our itinerary. Please check out the links I've included:

May 5th - Fly out of PDX
May 6th - Land in Dublin (well, after what will be a harrowing connection in London)
May 6th - 8th Check into George Fredric Handel Hotel - where Handel first played the "Messiah"
May 8th - Fly to Glasgow
May 8th - 10th - Check into Charing Cross Hostel. We have a private room (thank goodness) Pick up rental car.
May 10th - Drive to Iverness and Loch Ness - Check into Glengarry Castle. Holy crap we're staying in a castle!!!
May 11th - Drive to Edinburgh. Drop off car and take overnight bus (saves travel time and hotel room!) to London
May 12th - Putz around London for a couple of hours, take train to Paris.
May 12th-17th - Check into this apartment. Explore Paris, Versailles and the Metro
May 17th - Take overnight train to Florence (again with travel time and hotel)
May 18th - 21st - Arrive 7:30am - check into Florence apartment just blocks from the Duomo.
May 21st - Get to Florence airport at the crack of dawn and come home with heavy hearts.

Almost every room is $100 or less. We booked two nights in a hostel for $145 total so that we could spend $150 on a castle. Every place we stay in Ireland and Scotland provide breakfast (veggie options too!) and there are enough open air markets that we can cook for ourselves 75% of the time in France and Italy. And by traveling overnight through the long distances, we don't waste precious hours! I also hope we get some random European car for our rental - maybe this?