Thursday, May 23, 2013

VIda Vegan Con (2)!

First, I'd like to apologize for the radio silence for the last 7 months. I'm in my final month of my undergrad career (!!) and combined with work, Vegan Iron Chef, and running, I just find myself falling asleep at the end of the day (or, not so end of the day) instead of blogging. After this weekend, though, I will (most likely) be headed back to the ol' blogging grindstone!

Why now? You see, Vida Vegan Con is back in town this weekend! I will undoubtedly find myself energized and motivated all over again by the awesome attendees and range of topics the conference has to offer.

This is my second time at the conference (second time as an assistant, even) and I am so excited. I didn't recap it at all last time, but I fully plan on blogging about it this year! Please let me know if you'll be there!

Thanks for sticking with me!