Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The vacation was over too soon!

One day we're in Glasgow, exclaiming that we still have 2 weeks left on our amazing trip, the next we're getting into my brother-in-law's minivan at PDX, both sad and happy to be home. We visited (in this order) Dublin, Glasgow, the Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh, London, Paris and Florence. My absolute favorite? Scotland. The country amazes me. The cities are so old and full of history and the Highlands are a sight I would never get sick of. And we left so much unturned!!! Home computer is a little slow to upload pics, so here's link to my Flickr account and a tiny taste of all our adventures!

In the way of eating, I had to really watch what I was putting in my mouth. The only time we sought vegan food was during our stay in Glasgow - on the suggestion of a PPK'er living there, we hit up the 13th Note and Nice'N'Sleazy. I got to try vegan haggis and a lovely bean burger. The remainder of our trip I stuck to salads, fresh/steamed veggies, baguettes with margarine and pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.

The big thing that shaped our trip was our budget. We had the equivalent of $100 (US) a day - which came out to be around 70 pounds in Scotland and 80 euros in Ireland, France and Italy. I wish that we had a little bit more wiggle room, but the budget really kept us in check from crazy souvenirs/expensive coffees/gelato overload. It also forced us to find out less expensive ways to feed our crazy hungry mouths! Thankfully we rented apartments in Paris and Florence - we were able to cook our own breakfasts and dinners and buy bottles of wine instead of paying the equivalent for a glass.

I cannot wait to go back. We started to plan our next trip while on the flight home and we're thinking Amsterdam, Germany, the south of France, Holland.....the list is getting kinda long.

Monday, May 4, 2009

This is it!

We finally get to go on our honeymoon!!!