Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cat in a Box

Thanksgiving has come and past. I have acquired multiple bumps, cuts and bruises from those whirlwind days of cleaning and cooking. But it was worth it.

My mother in law graciously subbed Earth Balance and rice milk in dishes she could veganize, and even tried them! She didn't try the dish I brought, but small steps here.

So without further ado, a pictorial of various foods consumed:

Pumpkin baked ziti with caramelized onions from V'Con, for my family's celebration

Green Bean Casserole from FatFreeVegan for ThanksveganA random stuffing recipe I sorta made up - carrots, celery, onions and local bread
Merc devours Tofurkey box (seriously, he wouldn't leave me alone after I opened it)
Badass Smlove Pie for fatty food's sake.

I had a lot of fun cooking up my own vegan Thanksgiving. I invited people that were open and interested in trying a vegan dinner and everything went over really well, Tofurkey included! I cooked two in the crockpot, basting them in the sauce recipe on the box, for 3 hours on high. They were moist and delicious. Next year, however, I'm making my own.

Christmas this year is gong to be a little...sparse. Our family is getting homemade cookies and apple butter and we've decided to donate money to people that need things more than we do. I'm also surprising Jeff with a surprise trip to Vancouver BC on New Years Day. I'm hoping the trip will ebb this travel bug we picked up in May and provide a much needed break from our normal, boring lives before I start school full time.

Next post I'll go over some of the foods I've been cooking up for the PPK Blog cooking challenge, including chocolate chickpea spread!