Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trigger Happy

First things first: the Portland bake sale for Haiti raised around $3600!! I stuck around for about 2 hours and People's was consistently packed with people wanting sugar. I bought quite an assortment and was delighted with each sample.

One of my contributions....hazelnut cupcakes filled with delicious chocolate mousse

So we're all moved. I'm realizing more and more that I will miss the old neighborhood harder than I thought would. Our new apartment is rather isolated and we've been lacking the funds to look for our new "Hideaway" or "Uncle Paul's." However, I did get to splurge (with tax money!!) on a new dream camera, a Canon Rebel XSi. Oh my god. In the talks leading up to the purchase, in order to beat a flat screen out of the running I had to come up with one good reason for the camera. Well duh, I can make money with the camera! I can get my photography business up and running! I win!

While moving, a dear friend of mine helped us during the move and was suffering from what she thought was an intolerance to gluten. Besides some other stuff going on in her life, she just wanted some good comfort food that didn't make her feel like crap. I again turned to Jess' adapted de-glutened New Farm (I admit to making this mac about 400 times a week) and we accompanied it with roasted masala brussel sprouts courtesy of V'CON. Ya know, for being a much hated vegetable, brussel sprouts are amazing.

Doesn't that plate make you feel happy? It makes me feel happy!