Thursday, May 17, 2012

My First Half Marathon.

It's on Sunday.
Somehow, I went from someone who could barely run a minute straight to someone who signs up for a freaking half marathon.
(my first real race!)

I am terrified of the distance, but I was also terrified of the Shamrock Run 15k, my farthest distance at that point, and I rocked that.
 (our very awesome and well earned bottle opener medals)

My training runs suck so hard, but in races? The excitement and adrenaline keep me going, sometimes much faster than I expected.
(Bridge to Brews 2012, where I took a decent race photo and ran a 12:25 average pace, a PR for me!)

Those ladies who keep popping up in the photos with me? They are MJ and Libby, my good friends and inspiration and fellow Team Slow Poke'rs. They are doing the half with me (along with a couple other awesome ladies) and I just know we'll rock it. And hey, Little Beirut will be playing in front of the Baghdad Theater as I run by! 

Wish me luck, internet. I've been nervous all week. And Portland? Keep up this slightly warm but still sunny weather, mmmmmkay?

pssssst! Check out Team Slow Poke HERE!