Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vegan in Hawaii?

It looks as if we have an excellent opportunity to go to Hawaii for very cheap in a month with a good friend of mine. It will eat up a little of our Europe savings but I NEED to go somewhere. Wanderlust has completely taken over my life!

This means 3 meals a day of beans and rice, but it's worth it.

Suggestions? Rants? Raves?


Crystal Brooks said...

You will come back so tan! Not to mention all the delish fresh fruits available over there for you to bask in!

Brandi said...

WHAT?! You will eat so many pineapples... and get yourself a uke while you are there so we can be musical friends. Or if you'd rather just get me a uke. =)

Sooo happy for your wanderparts.

Brad said...

Where in hawaii are you going? My wife and I went for our honeymoon and have been yearning to go back for a year and a half now. We loved ocean kayaking. We had a guide. We also loved snorkeling. Aside from that, there are some sweet places to hike all over the place. And tons of fruit, so you shouldn't be stuck on beans and rice.

sgcorrie said...

We're going to Maui! It looks as if we're going to be doing breakfast & lunch at home and dinner out. And it looks like there is a ton of vegan options, so I'll be more than ok.

btw, is this the Brad I am thinking it is? :-)

lazysmurf said...

I want to go!!!!!!!!!!!