Sunday, November 6, 2011

Native Foods comes to Portland! Er, Tigard!

Outer SW Portland is not exactly a desert when it comes to vegan options, but it doesn't compare to closer-in parts of the city like downtown, SE or NE. We proudly hold Green Wok, Laughing Planet, Barbur World Foods, Sweet Lemon (technically in Beaverton, but still) in our cold little hands and now we have Native Foods (technically in Tigard, BUT STILL).

Thanks to a super special friend, I was able to go to the soft opening yesterday and gorge, I mean try out, a bunch of dishes Native Foods has to offer. I took my friend Jill and here is our spread.
 Saigon Roll with DELICIOUS peanut sauce. These tasted so fresh!
Sweet Potato Taquitos. These are much better when they're hot, but the filling was perfect.
Classic Deli Reuben. True story - my only experience with a Reuben was a pizza my mom used to bring home. I would scrape the sauerkraut off  into the bushes outside. That little story means I just had to try this, right? The sauerkraut here wasn't overwhelming and the seitan was amazing.
 Portobello and Sausage Burger. Jill's burger! I love portobellos. And vegan sausage. A win in my book. Right after I took this Jill scraped the lettuce and tomatoes off :-)
 $2 Ninkasi! Also, their menu says local beers, and most are from Oregon, with the exception of 21st Amendment, which is from San Francisco. That's me just being beer picky, though.
 Chocolate Love Pie. The chocolate mousse and crust were fantastic, the nuts on top....meh.
Peanut Butter Parfait. Oh my god, party in my mouth.

And that includes my oh-so-professional review of Native Foods! I plan on going again on Wednesday and trying something else, but WHAT?!


Kittee Bee Berns said...

We went too, it was sooOOOo fun! I went shopping, which I rarely do! The sweet potato taquitos were my favorite! I also got the Moroccan bowl with a side of steamed kale and the cheezecake. MMMmMMMMm!


Caity said...

Oh my gosh these all look AMAZING.

Karla said...

yes, Native Foods let us (the tryer-outers) get so much dang food! i wasn't expecting it, otherwise i'd have brought my own containers.
i really liked the "chicken" they do. i tried them wing style and my friend has the Chicken Run Ranch Burger. my sister kim had the reuben and i thought that was super tasty!
not sure how often i'll get to Tigard, but i'm sure i'll end up shopping in Bridgeport when my mom visits in the summer.