Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Legs are Strong.

In training for my first half, I've learned two things.

1) Sometimes running comes as easy as breathing, sometimes it's a horrific uphill struggle.

2) My legs are strong.

The past two weeks I have ran longer and farther than I have before. My minutes-per-miles times are coming down while my mileage is going up. Today I ran 8 miles and half of those (ok, the easier first half) were in the 12 minute range. I am not a fast person, so to see my pace go from 14 to 12 in the space of just a couple months is amazing to me.

My legs are tired right now, but I know they'll be ok tomorrow. Just like they were last week.

Shamrock run is this weekend, I'm tackling the 15k. The very uphill 15k. Wish me luck.

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