Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh crepe.

I've noticed as I've started to branch out in my cooking that I tend to get frustrated if something doesn't work out. These crepes were the latest irritation. I got the recipe from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan. In the recipe, you're instructed to use a non non-stick pan. Well, I don't have one. All of my pans, which are a combination of wedding gifts and hand-me-downs from the single life, are non-stick. I did, however, have a really old pan that had to have all the non-stick worn off by now. It just had to. The pan has got to be older than me.

Obviously, that didn't work. The first two crepes were crap and I managed to get two decent ones out before I threw the rest of the batter out (which wasn't very much). I made up some Celestial Cream from the same book (without the blender, which was dirty), threw in some blueberries, apples and homefries and I was done. The picture actually makes it look better than how I felt about it. Jeff loved it but my night was ruined.

I need to invest in a good pan.

On a different note, Expedia (well, I guess the airlines) keep cancelling our flights home from Europe. I think someone is telling us to stay there. I'm up for that adventure.

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agirl said...

Crepes are one of those things that I am always happy to pay other people to make for me, because it totally looks like I'll make a frustratingly large mess out of it. You did well to get 2 useable ones on your first try!

I never want to go back after a holiday.