Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Limpin' along.

The 5K training is going pretty amazingly. I didn't think I could keep up with my husband but all of my short 30 minute spurts of jogging and walking have really helped! I managed to run up a pretty long hill without stopping and raced him up a pretty steep hill without dying. Go me! Maybe I will be able to do this after all.

I'm getting really anxious and excited and distracted about our trip. 1) it'll be AMAZING. 2) It'll be too short! and 3) did I mention amazing? Jeff got a prescription for Xanax for the flights, but I'm nervous about taking that, too! Drugs and I, we don't get along. Such is life. Another thing that's making me sweat a little is driving a Scotland. You know, on the OPPOSITE SIDE. It was too expensive for us to rent an automatic car, so I'll just have to take the crash (not) course in driving on the left...

Food-wise I've been trying to keep it on the cheap. There's this show on the Create channel (the only good thing about this digital switcheroo - MORE OPB!!!) called Christina Cooks. She never, ever says the word vegan - she uses the term "whole foods cooking". She has some amazingly easy recipes that don't require a lot of funky ingredients and we finally made one of them a week or so ago. I learned how to cook bok choy :-)

I love that crunchy stalk!

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