Friday, April 3, 2009


I need to get to work on this blogging thing!

Let's start with food. I tried TVP for the first time. I think I was a little weirded out by it due to my old boss - who believes that this whole switch to digital television is the brainchild of Big Brother - telling me that it was the grossest meat replacement ever, in the most dramatic voice since the original showing of Hamlet. I had been eyeing the Sloppy Joanna recipe in Yellow Rose Recipes for some time now, so I finally broke down and made some. This stuff is great! The first thing I tried making was taco "meat" I mixed the rehydrated TVP with salsa, salt and pepper and it was....awesome.

Sloppy Joannas? Also awesome. Also a barrier to my resolution to eat less. But hey, it's all vegetables right? Well, except the TVP. But whatever. Vegetables = Healthy.

Speaking of healthy, I signed the husband and I up for a 5K Fun Run for the Humane Society. Yeah, so I'm not really a runner. During mile tests in school, I WALKED THE ENTIRE THING. I have a month to train. I started the Couch to 5K Program earlier this week and in my excitement I blindly signed up for the run. My husband, who loves to run and is the kind of person that can just run a mile after not running for years is pretty excited, and we start training tonight. But hey, this is for a good cause, right? And I'll be all endurance ready for our big trip across the pond 3 days after the race!


agirl said...

Question: what is TVP?

And go you with that run! I need to get the balls to do something like that, I'm such a lazy git.

sgcorrie said...

Textured vegetable protein. It's something that is made from pressing soybeans....or something. I looked it up once - and promptly forgot. It's low fat and high protein and picks up whatever flavor you cook it in.

Katy Rose said...

Is TVP like Morningstar Crumbles? Cause I really like using that.