Thursday, August 20, 2009

Struggles with a bright spot.

It's been 2 months since I've posted. Whoa. I started this blog to keep my writing skills fresh, and then I abandon it. I'm sorry blog!

So, obviously, one of my struggles is updating this thing. Another is my weight. While in Europe, we walked and walked and walked and walked some more. I swear I lost ten pounds. We get back to the States....and I lose my job and put on a ton of poundage. Not out of stress, dear reader, out of boredom. So I joined Weight Watchers.

Thing is, I can't cut much out. Sure, there's beer and french fries, but that's about it. I eat so well, far better than the first go around in Weight Watchers 5 years ago, and it's all homemade. We just can't afford to eat out of boxes anymore. In the past 7 weeks, I've lost a total of 2.6 pounds. Sure, it's better than gaining, BUT COME ON. So yes, I'm really cutting out the beer this time, maybe one a week instead of 3 or 4; and yes, I'm cutting out the fries, promise.

I'm going to Seattle this weekend, to visit dear friends and explore vegan options. Back when my buddies were going to U-Dub, I would visit monthly out of boredom. But I've only visited once while vegan and didn't really get a chance to explore what's available to me. I promise a full post, with pictures, when I get back.

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