Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok, so I like David Bowie. So sue me.

Before I get into the life altering change that I am currently experiencing, lemme share what I ate for dinner.

That, my friends, is my first homemade falafel. Or, as the tramp that a buddy of mine married would say, an "old fashioned" falafel. I was feeling blue today, and thought about falafel, and then realized I had everything to make it from scratch. What was stopping me?

Oh, yeah, so I forgot pita. But I made an awesome, spur of the moment tangy sauce to accompany. Behold, a recipe.

Tangy yum sauce.

6 oz silken tofu
2 tbsp lemon juice
small handful of cilantro
1 tsp tahini
salt and pepper to taste.

Blend into oblivion. I know, right? I'm the first one to think of it, I'm sure.

So, we're moving. I love my neighborhood hardcore, and it was really hard to realize that we can't afford to stay in our duplex. Our awesome 1920's duplex with hardwoods and a tempermental furnace. But we found an apartment in SW Portland, top story, surrounded by trees, close to my school. Oh, and it has a dishwasher, which will save my sanity. It'll be an adventure and a chance to discover a whole new neighborhood of Portland that I'm absolutely not aware of.

This weekend though, vegan bake sale for Haiti, Portland style!!!! I will be contributing my time, some cookie dough bites and awesomely delicious hazelnut cupcakes. Come out if you're in the neighborhood!!! Haiti still needs help, if not more than ever.

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