Thursday, October 21, 2010

THAT kind of week.

I'm coming up on midterms and have been more socially active than I have in a long while, so this past week my kitchen has been ignored.

I rarely ever buy processed food anymore. I usually find that a) it's too expensive and/or b) it just doesn't taste good. But then Fred Meyer had to go and have an anniversary sale and put Amy's Kitchen frozen stuffs on sale for 40% off. Including the brand new vegan mac & cheese. For $2.87 a box, you could have this:

This is so new, the website says "Coming Soon!" I probably freaked some lady out in the natural section when I gasped and ran towards the freezer.

Now, this stuff tastes a little like heaven, but is not good for you. It's gluten free, which is awesome and uses Daiya, which can be also awesome depending on your preference. I love the stuff. But one serving is 520 calories, which makes this a treat for me!

Hot Melty Action
My other amazing processed dinner contained We Can't Say it's Cheese vegan cheddar spread. I was wandering around Lamb's Thriftway before I had to pick up my CSA share and found it on super sale.

Normally $3 and some change!

Pregan, I used to love a bowl that Laughing Planet carries - the Spanky Bowl. Mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn and cheddar cheese in one amazing dish. WCSIC subbed in for the count.


My pants are getting tighter.


Faith McKay said...

Ohhhhh, that Amy's mac and cheese sounds wonderful. I love daiya! ...that's really tempting

Zoey said...

I tasted the Amy's Rice mac and cheese at Veg Fest and loved it. I haven't really looked for it in stores though because I try to stay away from processed foods too- but it was good! said...

Oh my, I wish we could get that boxed rice mac n cheese here - I'd eat it all the time!