Friday, October 1, 2010

My Last Day in Paradise

Our final day in Maui was unscheduled and full of lazy. We swam in the ocean, lounged outside and ate lots of yummy food. At first, I lounged in the shade. My skin is very fair and I have too many questionable freckles from sunburns past. And I burn really, really easy.

However, I decided to slather on a ton of extra sunscreen and sat out on the beach with Sarah and read for hours.

South Shore Tiki Lounge has a small vegan/vegetarian menu - this is a housemade veggie burger and really tasty fries. And pickles.

 A total Myspace photo -  but proof that the pale can sit in the sun and not spontaneously combust.

 $4 margarita. We returned to the Tiki Lounge for dinner.

Sure is pretty to look at.

The plane trip home was, at first, panic inducing. I may not have alluded to this before, but I am deathly afraid of flying. I take a xanax before each and every flight and it helps to settle my nerves, but I still get really nervous when the pilot mentions turbulence. Lucky, the turbulence was very light and I was comped two free beers - one on a beverage ticket my friend had and the other because I sat next to the most evil, screaming child known to man. I felt so sorry for that kid's parents. They did their best to keep the kid occupied, but I know that I feel the same way about being stuck in a metal tube for 5 hours and would probably cry and scream too if I wasn't drugged up.

School has finally started for me and it looks as if I'll be crazy busy for the rest of my life. I will do my best to write more on here - I really do like to post, but I feel my life is so utterly boring that nobody wants to read about it! Vegan Mofo is coming up in November, so I will be attempting to complete the challenge of posting every day. But we'll see.


Caity said...

I'm glad the end of the trip was fun!

I am not a fan of flying but after flying to New Zealand from NY a few times, I sort of got over to it.

That veggie burger looks awesome!

Karla said...

dude, that veggie burger's bun is massive.
i know how you feel about thinking your life's too boring to blog...that's why i only have blogs about food or fashion :o)

Crystal Brooks said...

I'm jealous, but you knew that already.
Also, you do not have an utterly boring life, you have a fabulously wonderful life with great food, awesome people and to top it off you can die knowing you tasted a beer-garita! lol