Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maui, Days 3 & 4

When I left you, we had enjoyed ourselves immensely at a luau, slurping tropical drinks and eating lots of fruit. While in Maui, I had absolutely no problem finding enough food to eat. Because I am a dead broke traveler, I brought my own oatmeal (best idea ever) and stuck to cheap appetizers for my other meals for the most part. Because really, portion sizes are outrageous. And so are the prices in Maui.

The only time I had a potential problem ordering was when we visited Fred's Mexican Cafe in Kihei. There were only a couple of vegetarian options, and they were smothered with cheese. I took a deep breath and apologized to our waitress for being picky and ordered the spinach chicken wrap, without the chicken, cheese or sour cream, with avocado please.

She didn't even blink, and the wrap was made exactly how I ordered it. It was amazing.

This is a little more photo heavy of a post, but that's what I like to look at, so there you go.

Day 3 was spent wandering in and out of Lahaina.

 Sarah had to have it. It was pretty tasty, too.

The banyan tree in Lahaina. This is all one tree, and so pretty.

The Judo Mission

Have I mentioned I love beer? And my companions also love beer?

This was....ok. There was skin on each of the hummus piles, and the roasted vegetables were cold and chewy. So not worth $9.
Day 4 was spent exploring the road to Hana and beyond.

At the Garden of Eden, a little bit of nerd came out as we got to see the rock in the opening sequence of the first Jurassic Park. I'm a fan.

Our lunch: a makeshift quinoa salad and Maui chips.

Charles Lindbergh is buried on Maui, in a very hard to find place. We though this church perched on a point was it. Alas it was not. A very pretty hike though!

My vegan wrap.

Our final day and my thoughts on Maui next!


Caity said...

Wow, looks like an awesome time you're having! Great pictures! I had kiwi fruit for breakfast, too! That blow hole sign is so strange. What does that pertain to? Haha.

sgcorrie said...

There was a spot in the rocks that formed a sort of tunnel that I think shoots water up and out....but we were there during low tide, so we didn't get to see it.