Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maui, Days 1 & 2

So I've left the land of sun and tropical drinks. My days are now drizzly and cold, and I'm ok with it.

Maui was amazing, relaxing, fantastic, rich in culture and HOT. While I don't mind a bit of sun every once in awhile, the heat and humidity there just about killed me! I am definitely a cold weather kind of gal. It took a lot of water, Gatorade and walking breaks, but I made it out alive, and only with a minor sunburn.

I made the best of it though. I present to you a photo journey of the first couple of days as a Maui vegan visitor.

The trip was supposed to be with my husband, but he ended up not going and I lucked out and wrangled one of my oldest and greatest friends to fill in at the last minute. Her name is Sarah and she is adorable.

Our first dinner was at the Four Seasons Hotel to celebrate a milestone birthday for the lovely lady second from the right. Obviously I am the nerd on the left. I had a very expensive version of spaghetti and a delicious Coconut Porter from Maui Brewing. I am officially obsessed.

Our first sunset.

Day 2 - we decided to find the Farmers Market in Kihei. About 2 miles in, we gratefully slurped some shave ice. I didn't get photos of the market, but it was small and full of delicious fruits.

Our second night was spent at a luau at the Grand Wailea. If you ever get the opportunity to walk the grounds, do it! It's an amazing resort to explore.

 I had so much pineapple-y drinks on this trip it was not funny. Blech. But the luau had a buffet with plenty of vegan options, including a stir fry, poi, green salad and roasted sweet potatoes. 

The last act, a fire dancer. So freaking cool.

To be continued....

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