Saturday, January 1, 2011

No More Excuses.

Thanks to my sister in law's post run high from last night and some good friends encouraging me, I am currently signed up for two races, soon to be three (maybe 4?) for 2011.

1. Fort Vancouver 6k - March 27th

2. Bridge to Brews - April 17th (c'mon guys, BEER)

3. Cinco de Mayo - May 8th

4. Rum Run - May 22nd

I've chosen these solely on the fact my sister in law and good friends are running them. The free drinks at the end are an awesome incentive though! I don't want to overload myself by signing up for these and then burning out, but I think this is the best way, based on my habit of backing out unless it's paid for.

I have no idea what distance to do for the last two runs. I figure if I'm doing an 8k in April, I should be able to finish a 10k, right?

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crystal.cairel said...

I must know more about the rum run!!!