Monday, April 11, 2011

Kickstartin' and a Birthday

Last week was my first week on the Vegan Kickstart plan and I have to say, it was awesome. The program forced me to prepare food for the rest of the week, ensuring I ate very well and didn't resort to easy things like (vegan) butter noodles and peanut butter from the spoon. Since re-starting Weight Watchers, I have struggled with a lack of points at the end of the day but on the Kickstart I had at least 5 left over each night after dinner! Win!!

For some reason, the past week has produced many a blurry photo from my camera, which upsets me a little. Here is a combo of those plus camera phone photos of the meals from the plan. yaaaaay technology!!

 Hummus sandwich with couscous confetti salad
 Veggie burger with ginormous amount of couscous confetti salad
 Veggie burger with....tortilla chips
Couscous confetti salad with roasted red pepper & carrot soup

Now, it looks like an awful lot of couscous salad. But I just happened to take pictures of the meals that had it! Please note, also, that I'm only showing you some of the stuff for lunch + dinner, my breakfast is always oatmeal. I get all fainty if I break that pattern...

My birthday also happened this last week. I celebrated on Saturday with a bunch of good friends and food. I made these delicious cupcakes (subbing tofu for the eggs), chocolate peanut butter pillows, the Vegan Mouse's spinach artichoke dip and mac 'n' cheeze. There was also a lot of gifted beer and I ended up with three bottles of vodka (including a bottle of Grey Goose, my own personal BMW of vodka). I had an amazing time! Here is the only photographic evidence I have:

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Karla said...

oh, happy belated birthday, Steffers!!! I've never had Grey Goose (that I'm aware of) and perhaps one day will treat myself to a non-well drink. maybe for my upcoming birthday! :o)