Saturday, April 23, 2011

Right Now

This past week has been pretty great. Why?

1. The sun has decided to stick around for a little while.
2. I had an amazing time at the Spring Beer & Wine fest. Like fall down drunk amazing.
3. The Blazers just kicked SO MUCH ASS in the 4th quarter, giving us a 6th game in this finals round.
4. Even though I was dehydrated, exhausted and allergy ridden, my run in the sun today was pretty fucking great.

A photo I took at my husband's work when he was not there. He laughs at people that stare at this. Well, I stare at it, so stop laughing, dude!

1 comment:

Saptilladerky said...

I know, the sun! It's been so nice!

I like that picture. Never been to the convention center, though.