Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cinco de Mayo 10k

This is about two weeks late, but I wanted to share my experience in running my first 10k!

The 10k course was very flat (which was awesome) and took place on a day the forecasters insisted would be full of rain. As with any other race I've done, the rain held off and the temperature was perfect.

I'm not going to lie, this race was hard. I was super nervous the day before and decided to do a quick 1.5 mile loop by my house to get rid of some of the nervous energy. BAD IDEA. You see, I live in the hills of SW Portland. The route I took was one I've taken many times now and am used to, but it's still very hilly. I don't know if I just pushed harder than normal or what, but my legs were incredibly weak the next day and hurt right off the bat during the race. I pushed and kept up with Libby the whole time and we finished in an awesome 1:27, which included a bathroom break! (Yes, this means that I am not fast whatsoever).

At the end, during the two block sprint that hasn't really bothered me before, my legs just gave out. Check out this (hilarious yet painful) photo of the moment I just had to stop:
My sweet friend Jill came up behind me and yanked me into running across the finish line, but my legs were NOT HAPPY. I had to keep walking around to make sure I wasn't going to fall over. It was all rather silly.

Now for the fun part. Can you spot my " glad I finished" face?
Seriously, the beer and the people keep me running.

I have another 10k tomorrow! It's my last race before the trip and I definitely tried to take it easy this week. I weeded last Friday (as in, a week and a day ago to keep my hamstring pain to a minimum) and did a training run Tuesday, but have otherwise stuck to walking. It's the 10 Cane Rum Run and it looks as if we get a mojito AND a Bridgeport beer....WIN.

Wish me luck!!!

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