Friday, May 27, 2011


We leave in 1 week, 5 days. I have novels to read and discuss, final papers to write and a single final exam to take. I have barely been focusing on any of it. My last paper, though started early, was finished in a fit of last minute writing that went on late into the night and incredibly early in the morning. I barely studied for my music midterm, and earned an A, which only encourages my horrible procrastination habit. All I can think about is what's happening 1 week, 5 days from now.

An interesting aspect of saving every cent for this trip is watching our spending, especially in the food department. In normal non trip-planning times, I have the best intentions to keep our budget to $50 a week but, you know, snack attacks happen. And sometimes I need that Coconut Bliss. But I've been pretty militant the past couple of weeks, which means some of our meals have been...interesting at times. Take a look.

Broccoli curry spaghetti, original recipe calls for udon and 6 cups of broccoli. I improvised. ps, spaghetti isn't a good sub for udon.
 Knock off Spanky's Bowl (from a local chain) with AFR Cheesy sauce.
 Use-up-the-leftovers lunch of spinach, baked tofu and roasted taters with Daiya (on sale).
 Pizza is awesome, a good use of leftovers and fast if you have dough in your freezer :-)
 After my first 10k, all I wanted was a (vegan) cheeseburger. So I made one as we are poor. V'Con black bean burger with AFR Cheesy sauce.
Pho chay, a tester for Kittee's zine. So fresh and delicious.

Also, some evidence of my laziness.
 The first warm day in Portland I moved my ass outside. Please notice the beer, it is Deschutes Brewery's Twilight making an early appearance!
Yeah, we had no clean tupperware and I wasn't interested in washing dishes.

So, yeah. I'm twiddling my thumbs in anxious anticipation.


Robert McKay said...

You make such yummy sounding food even when you are scraping things from the back of your fridge and freezer. You should travel with us and be our personal chef. Seriously.

sgcorrie said...

Gimme a camp stove and a teapot and I'll bet I could pull something off!