Friday, January 13, 2012


 Sometimes, SW Portland can be pretty.

Next week I'm finally moving back into my old neighborhood.

If you know me at all (or, hey, just read my whining on here) you know that I do not like living in SW Portland. We moved here because it was cheaper and closer to the school I was attending at the time, but now it's just a chore to travel back and forth. I work up here part-time, but it ain't no thang. I will happily commute back home in the evening if it means I can walk somewhere without worry of getting hit, without climbing massive hills, without the constant drone of the freeway in my ears. Although, I'm curious to see how long it will take me to get used to sleeping without the white noise of the freeway.

That's not to say I won't miss SW. Barbur World Foods has stolen my heart with their hummus and hot pita. Green Wok has happily soothed some intense Chinese cravings. John's Marketplace allowed me to buy beer from Norway. A sweet friend I've gotten used to running with will be farther away. Native Foods (and soon, Veggie Grill) won't be something I'm closer to than all the rest of Portland.

But, I can deal with all of that if it means I'm happy where I'm living. We'll be living within blocks of my favorite brewpub (Hopworks!). I can train for my half marathon without worrying about the strain the hills are putting on my legs (yeah, I KNOW it's a good thing, but do not want). I can walk on real sidewalks on streets that don't end in gravel. I won't have to give detailed directions to my friends due to Google and Mapquest's attempts to send them off a bridge.

So, the Effs have been busy packing, sorting, tossing. We're downsizing in space (but really, not too much) and in closets (we will have exactly ONE at the new place) so it's a great opportunity for us to get rid of EVERYTHING. I have major plans when it comes to interior design, I'm tired of living in apartments that don't reflect me. In addition to all this, we both are in school and working. Our time together feels like those lonely highways where you pass another car every 2.5 hours. I know it's temporary, but it definitely stresses me out.

Being busy means I don't have a lot of time to cook, so our food has been quick or not made by me. Some goodies as of late:
Freezing pizza dough for calzones = genius. Daiya on sale = magic.
Rotini with red lentil sauce from Robin Robertson's One Dish Vegetarian cookbook (LOVE)
  There's a new Laughing Planet by PSU. This is their Chairman Meow bowl, so delicious and light.
Rogue has a lunchtime deal called Hoppy Hour, where you get lunch with a $2 pint. If you know Rogue's prices, you know this is an awesome deal. I got their black bean quinoa salad (not bad, but not the best) and....
 their Yellow Snow IPA. It is my favorite IPA, unfortunately seasonal.

This week I plan to write about my experience at a Native Foods cooking demo! I went with two awesome ladies and a grand time was had by all.


Karla said...

Yellow Snow? Grooooooooss. That's worse than the name of a beer we serve at work called Moose Drool.
congratulations on the new place! I'm hoping the boyfriend finds a place in the SE when I get him moved over here (from NC). I miss living in Portland!

Caity said...

Wow that first picture is so beautiful. Also, that food is making me hungry because it looks so good.

I'm glad you will make the best of where you are living even if it isn't the ideal place you want to be. Sounds like there are also a lot of good things about where you will be.