Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The end of MoFo and Halloween Roundup

I did 28 posts during October! The last couple days I was stressed over other things, but I think the continuous posting throughout most of the month really upped my numbers. Woo hoo!

Halloween rocked. Friends that I haven't seen in YEARS came, and a grand time was had by all. We had tons of food, beer, hot cider and a photobooth setup. The night ended on a high note as everyone made their way to Cartopia on 12th & Hawthorne and enjoyed pies and fries. A pictorial for your viewing enjoyment:

Jellyfish in the photo booth!
I'm Charlie Chaplin, my lovely friend is my silent actress
The guy in the beard is from Sword & the Stone, Florin is just Florin
The food spread, with silly names
The lady carnie won most creative costumeHer prize were these awesome galoshesJellyfish floating to Cartopia

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agirl said...

Dude, how cool are those jellyfish???