Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vegan: First Year

November marks the date that I decided to go vegan a year ago. According to a blog I wrote on some social networking site, the date was around November 21st. Just in time for Thanksgiving, right? Well, I seem to turn to this holiday to make such decisions. I decided to go vegetarian in 2004, just a week before Thanksgiving. And you know, I have absolutely not missed the turkey.

Looking back, my first year of veganism was pretty darn amazing. Sure, there were a couple slip ups (some intentional, some not) but I don't let it get me down. I thought cheese would be the hardest thing to cut but not eating it seemed so natural. I first jumped into this thinking I'd have to buy all these fancy ingredients, but seriously, it's so not necessary. I eat so much better now than I did a year ago.

That being said, I need to make some more changes. First and foremost: drinking. I won't completely give it up, but there is no need for me to have a freakin' beer (or two) every night. Last night I went out with some friends, had a grand ole time and drank probably 4 beers without even registering it. That scares me. When I have people over or throw a party, I always have wine or a shot of vodka to loosen up. Totally not helping with my social anxieties. Or my quest to lose some weight.

Weight. That's my second problem. Since turning vegan, and losing my job, and cooking all this amazing food all the time I've gained more this past year than I have the 4 previous that I was vegetarian, when I ate a lot more cheese and processed foods! Obviously I didn't turn to veganism as a way to lose weight, but in addition to a better focus on whole, fresh foods, I'm going to apply myself to eating less at mealtime - more often than not I put more on my plate than I should and then go back for seconds.

Lastly, I just need to get off my ass! Not working full time is giving me all this extra time to do....nothing. Next quarter I'll be in school full time, but right now I'm focusing on getting to the gym on my cheap membership at least every other day, if not more, and making myself leave the house more often.

None of this will be done in a radical sort of way. I just need to learn to pay attention to my body and my health, just like I do my husband's health. I fully intend on continuing to make treats and indulge, just not so darn often!

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