Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sometimes I like to start things with the very best intentions.

Most of the time I falter from the task at hand, feel guilty and then quit entirely.

That's kind of what happened with the cookbook challenge, and always what happens when I try to improve my diet. Honestly, I'm surprised I've stuck with veganism so long. But then again, I stuck with a vegetarian diet for what, 6 years? I love how I eat now.

I'm making 2 recipes from the Vegetarian Times cookbook for lunch today, on the last day, sticking with the challenge in the best way I can.

And starting today, every damn meal will be healthy and in moderation. No more going back for more cereal, no more pasta as the main dish, no more Coconut Bliss as lunch. And I'm quitting alcohol, at least until I can feel I can go a day without having a blasted beer. Jeff has me hooked on yerba mate and it's almost sun-tea season.

But for now, I present some photos I turned in for the the "portrait" assignment in my photo class.
She's such a good model.

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