Saturday, May 8, 2010

Veggies Veggies Veggies

The past two weeks have been a little crazy in our little household. Midterms, speeches and rent have all been due and you know I, the great procrastinator, dutifully put it all off until the last minute.

The challenge was adhered to last week, but not in the order I was supposed to do. And this week? Pssh, nothing. I stick to nobody's rules, not even my own.

Instead of making 3 recipes out of my Weight Watchers book, I made one and then made three other recipes out of The Reader's Digest Vegetarian Cookbook. Let's delve into a couple pictures, shall we?

That's right, I only have two.

#1 - Zesty Chickpeas & Shells

From the Weight Watchers book. I thought it was pretty good, Jeff didn't like the whole chickpeas in it. I may have also thrown in some tempeh that I NEEDED to use up, so there was a double dose of protein in that dinner!

#2 & #3 - Curried Lentil & Vegetable Pilaf with Hot Cajun Wedges

The pilaf is made with coconut milk, so it was incredibly rich and creamy. And SO MANY VEGETABLES!!!! It made a ton of food, so leftovers last week were pretty amazing. The cajun wedges got thrown in there to use up some potatoes and were also delicious. Then again, potatoes are an almost daily occurence here....

Next week I'll be on track with the Vegetarian Times Cookbook. I'm planning on making more than 3 recipes since the book is incredibly large.

Have I mentioned that I got into Portland State for fall term? Uber excited.


agirl said...

That second meal there is looking spectacularly awesome. Any chance of a recipe??

羿惟 said...

God never shuts one door but he opens another...................................................