Thursday, July 7, 2011

A story of a girl and a boy on a plane.

Hello! We just got back from our fantastic vacation a little less than a week ago and I wanted to start writing about it before I forgot everything! I think that the best way for me to do this would to be explore each country separately, giving it the time and love it deserves.

To start things off, I'm going to write about our travel experience with Icelandair and then dive into Brussels tomorrow. I should tell you upfront that we nicknamed this trip the "beer, castle and trains" journey. If any of this offends you (man, those castles are such bastards) you can't say I didn't warn you.

So. We booked our flight with Icelandair for two reasons: they were cheap and they gave us a 9 hour layover in Iceland. ICELAND, friends. We had to drive up to Seattle for maximum savings, but what's a measly 3 hour drive in the dawn of an international adventure? Well, then Icelandair cancelled our 9 hour layover and gave us one single hour to go through passport control and catch our next flight. The woman on the phone assured us that everything would be alright, they don't schedule layovers that are impossible. Well, ok.

The day before our flight, a very stressful day that should never ever happen again thanks to my new-found resolution to quit procrastination once and for all, I find out that there are strikes going on at Icelandair. Strikes that will affect our layover and force us to miss our connection. But what can you do about it, other than cross your fingers and think happy thoughts? I'm all for strikes (my husband and closest friends are union members) but hey, universe, let's plan them for different airlines next time, 'kay?

When we gallantly arrive at Icelandair fresh faced and eager, they told us that our next connection would be missed, but it would be taken care of in Keflavik. They then put us in first class on the connection that we would be missing. WTF, NOT FUNNY DUDES. Our first leg was Seattle to Keflavik and only 7 hours. We tried our first beer of the trip (an Icelandic piss beer) ate a fruit bowl (they are not exactly a vegan friendly airline) and marveled at the extra inches of seat room. And the beautiful sights outside of the window. I mean, look:
 We also gawked at Iron Maiden's tour plane, parked next to us at Keflavik during both connections.
Icelandair then put us on a flight to Copenhagen 2 hours later than the original flight. In Copenhagen, we were booked on a flight to Brussels just 2 hours later than the final connection. They also gave us food vouchers, which we spent on a pretty and expensive vegetable dish and the second beers of the trip.
When we finally landed in Brussels, it's around 8:30 and we have been up for almost 36 hours. We can't find the shuttle bus to the hotel so we hail a taxi. It cost us maybe 12 euro and I was so tired and relieved to finally be on land that I gave him a 20 and waved him off when he tried to give us some change. We got a big smile after that. Please note that I am not rich, it was probably a really stupid thing to do in my delirious state, but it happened and I'm not sorry.

After we checked in to the hotel and giggled at the beer in the vending machine, we decided to find food. We could only find one hotel bar with food open, so we went with it. They gave us tortilla chips with bbq sauce (which is so weird to me and yet SO GOOD) and my side salad was shredded lettuce. But look at those beers. And look at those scary bags underneath my eyes.

 The vending machine in question.

After we finished our delectable and filling meal we crashed and slept until forever. Ok, so only 8am, but it was the best sleep ever.

Tomorrow I plan to post about our days spent in Belgium! I haven't decided whether to split it up, but I guarantee full on hilarity and copious beer.

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I love reading about peoples travels! Looking forward to reading about your days in Belgium.