Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Past Few Weeks, Condensed

Thanksvegan came and went. Exactly two pictures were taken. Here is one.
My seitan roast looks like a slug.
I had a nasty cold (as you can tell above!) and many friends swooped in, took over cooking and saved the night, even if it was a little chaotic. There were many bottles of wine and beer consumed and lots of warm company. I was pretty out of it for most of the night, but I had a lovely time. I even teared up while thanking everyone for coming out.

The menu:
Seitan roulade with basic stuffing
Boatloads of non-lumpy gravy
Harvest stuffed mushrooms
Quinoa salad with sweet potatoes, kale and dried cranberries
Maple roasted brussel sprouts with toasted hazelnuts
Super amazingly delicious mashed potatoes
Fat Free Vegan's green bean casserole
New Farm Mac (requested by SEVERAL guests!)
Sweet Potato Biscuits
Potstickers with dipping sauce
Boston cream (cake) pie
Pumpkin cheezecake with caramel and chocolate sauce
Pumpkin pie with Biscoff crust
Pumpkin walnut muffins

We were not hurting for lack of food! I ate leftovers all of this past week.

The day after Thanksvegan, I ran my fastest 5k ever (which is not really that fast, but hey, whatever). As you can see in the first two pictures, I still look AWFUL from that damn cold. I felt better by the end, though.

Finally, a slice of pizza I enjoyed while Christmas shopping today. At Oasis Cafe on Hawthorne, you can build your own vegan slices. This had mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and Daiya.

Back to writing papers (it's finals week!) and zoning out.

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Caity said...

I LOVE seitan. I am so excited about your Thanksvegan. It looks like everything was absolutely delicious and I have to admit I'm a bit jealous. I barely got to have any Thanksgiving this year being here with no other Americans to celebrate with.

Congratulations on your new best time! That's fabulous!