Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday: Namu

A short time ago, a new food cart pod opened up right around the corner from my house. My husband explored it a bit and was very excited to tell me there is a waffle cart with vegan options. You see, while we were in Belgium, we explored the area around the Brussels train station while we waited for our train to Munich. Just outside the station was a rundown cart serving waffles to a mass of people. The waffles came in one style only: plain. Jeff tried one and was instantly in love and it remains one of his favorite memories.

I visited Tidbit for the first time last week before work and while I didn't get a waffle, I did see a ton of other options. I decided to try out Namu, a Hawaiian-Korean fusion cart that advertised two different vegan bowls.

What caught my eye at this cart was the fact the bowl had kimchi in it! Vegans know us-friendly kimchi is hard to come by, so of course I had to try it out. The bowl also had rice, avocado, sauteed greens, cucumber, and peanut sauce. The flavors really went well together and I loved pitting the kimchi up against the peanut sauce. Their other vegan bowl contained pineapple so I will most likely never order that (pineapple is the worst) but I love seeing so many options at one cart!


Anonymous said...

YUM! I've actually started making my own kimchi (this week!) because it's so hard to find a "safe" one! What a great looking bowl!

Laura said...

I was just in Brussels two weeks ago and looked enviously at all those omnis with their waffles. PDX is too far to go, but you've inspired me to seek out a vegan version!

Panda With Cookie said...

Check out Earth Burgers there too. I wrote a blog post a week or so ago about their options.

sgcorrie said...

Oooh, Panda, it's on my list! Thank you!