Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vegan in St. Louis!

My job is amazing. Seriously.

In case you didn't know, I work on the ramp for an airline. Not only am I forced to get some daily strength training in (people pack anvils in their luggage, I swear) but I walk between 6-8 miles a day! A DAY! I don't have to train for half marathons anymore!

A huge additional plus has been flight benefits, which has lead me to some amazing places. In March and May, I volunteered for a wonderful organization called Cafe Femenino that provides grant funding for women in coffee growing communities. The woman I volunteer for puts on silent auctions at coffee conventions around the country to raise funds for this organization and asked Libby and me to help her out in NYC and St. Louis in exchange for a hotel room. Um, of course! NYC will be discussed, I promise, but first I want to shine a light on St. Louis.

I have never been to the Midwest. I had no idea what to expect. Living in Portland has gotten me used to seeing people everywhere. Not only in the downtown area, but up and down my street, on the road, packing bars at all hours. Not so much in St. Louis. The downtown was pretty dead and quiet and eerie-except when a pre-World Cup game came to town.

I've changed phones since this trip and therefore seem to be missing most of my photos, but I do have a couple of shots saved from Instagram. The first night we were there, we hit up Schlafly Brewery (St. Louis has quite the craft beer scene) and were impressed at just how nice everyone was.

A lot of our time was spent inside the convention center, but we did get a couple meals outside. We hit up Pi Pizzeria twice, which carries Daiya and Match Meat and has a lovely hummus plate with preserved lemons. YUM. The pizza was delicious, too!

We also hit up Rooster twice for breakfast. The first morning we went it was pretty dead but Sunday morning? EVERYONE in St. Louis was there! Rooster also carries Match Meat (did I tell you that was a St. Louis-made product?) and offers VEGAN CREPES!

For fun, we hit up the St. Louis Arch (I mean, duh) and the City Museum. Both were way cooler than I thought they would be and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to visit this lovely city!


Panda With Cookie said...

I love hearing about your travels.

April - The Traveling Austin Vegan / Knightime Creations said...

Vegan crepes?!? Wow! I recently got done playing the St. Louis Renaissance Festival, and was happy to try a bunch of yummy vegan food there, but I had no idea about Rooster. *goes to add it on the St. Louis Pinterest board* If you get a chance to go back, try the preserved lemons ON the pizza. They're amazing.