Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15 - Riiiiiiisotto.

Risotto was one of those dishes I didn't make (or really even try) until after I was vegan. I was officially hooked. I've never had the dairy laden version, but my sweet husband tells me mine is better. Neener neener.
During the the third MoFo, I actually wrote a recipe for carnival squash risotto, seen here. It still gets the most hits of all my posts, which I get a little bit excited about.

On Thursday night, I made another version of risotto out of my trattoria book, a baked tomato risotto.
It just sort of tasted like tomato-y rice. Not that it wasn't good, but come on! Risotto means creamy!

Tonight is Gnocchi Night. I am of the excitement.


celyn said...

I wonder if it wasn't that creamy because it was baked? I've only ever had it made stove-top, and it's labor-intensive, but does come out creamy.

Caity said...

That sounds SO good. Oh my goodness! I love creamy ricey goodness. said...

I never made risotto until I went vegan either, it was actually the first ever vegan thing I cooked from scratch!

Mandee said...

I've never made baked risotto but I bet it's just as nice. Risotto is one of my favourite meals, it's the best!