Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 7 - Pastry May Just Be The Death Of Me.

This is not a pain au chocolat.
This is a biscuit filled with chocolate. Maybe I could call it a scone, but with less fat.
It's delicious, but not the same.

At first, I had no idea what happened. I followed this recipe to a T, subbing coconut spread for the butter, soymilk powder for the milk and ignoring the egg thing. I put the ingredients into the bread maker as instructed and chose "large loaf." 90 minutes later, I had a pan full of flour. So I tried again, trying the "small loaf" setting. Nope, still flour.

Instead of throwing everything out, I attempted to save it. I added water until it turned doughy and proceeded on. The coconut spread melted, so in between the battle with the rolling pin, I stuck the dough in the freezer to chill. I ended up with chocolate biscuits.

Looking at other recipes, it seems there was too little liquid (ya think?). But there were 6 reviews (6!) exclaiming how good this recipe is. Maybe these people have NO idea what a pain au chocolat is. Or how much liquid a recipe really needs. They probably just looked the photo and reviewed it.

So, I'm getting over it. For dinner tonight, our final foray into French cooking, I'm making seitan bourguignon. I bought some delicious, vegan AND cheap French wine, the type that proudly states, "Cotes du Rhone." Of course, I had to try it, to ease my chocolat failures.
Everything is better with wine.

ps, those are not highlights. At least, not highlights of the chemical kind. Sometimes my hair is just naturally awesome.

pps, coconut spread is also naturally awesome, and I'll be giving some more away tomorrow!


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Ha! Oh, have I been there. I hate when everything that can possibly go wrong with a recipe does. But wine does make it better!

celyn said...

How annoying! Maybe a white roll recipe with added coconut spread? You know who would know how to veganize this? Taymer. You should email or FB her. I bet she has done this!

Karla said...

that looks so daaaaamn good!