Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Vegan MoFo Look at What I Ate Today

So, what does a vegan eat day-to-day when they're not trying to be flashy for a blog challenge like Vegan MoFo? Well, let me show you.

Breakfast almost always ends up being toast. Lately, this toast has been covered in avocado, but the good ol' combo of smart balance and nutritional yeast is an old favorite. As you can tell, this avocado was not quite ripe yet.

I promised Jeff if he bought cat food, I would make him pretzels. These are Alton Brown's soft pretzels (thank you, get sconed, for sending me to that recipe!) and I had a pretzel with a peach for my pre-work lunch. Usually I'm better about having an actual meal, but this was good enough.

For my at-work lunch (or dinner? I can't keep track anymore) I sauteed some mixed mushrooms (on clearance at Fred Meyer, whooop whooop) and tossed in some power greens mix and tomatoes and mixed it up with some thin spaghetti. It might be boring, but when you are a super procrastinator like me and wait until the last minute to prepare work-lunch, it's pretty quick and easy! I would like my readers to know that there is at least 2.5 servings of pasta there (that is a very large tupperware) and there *might* have been another pretzel involved.

As  you can tell, today was pretty carb heavy. I've managed to get myself into a rut with cooking and I can tell I'm not eating enough of the good stuff by how tired and sluggish I am once I'm home. Making hearty, veggie packed breakfasts are on my to-do list and I'm spending tomorrow morning preparing seitan and lentils for the rest of my week. 

Tomorrow I revisit St. Louis and I promise you will not be disappointed!


Panda With Cookie said...

Those pretzels look perfect. said...

Yeah! Carbs! This looks like my kinda day - I often wait until I'm super hungry to make lunch so pasta is a go to for me too.

Pj said...

Homemade soft pretzels are the best! Have you ever tried sumac on your avocado toast? It's lovely.