Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 26. Or, how I conquered a 6k.

Day 26 - What kind of person attracts you?

They have to be honest, kind and trustworthy. That didn't used to be the case in my younger years...

Now on to the exciting stuff. Today was the Fort Vancouver 6k!

The weather reports threatened the day with a nasty rainstorm but it held off until well after we finished the race. My dear friend Crystal is struggling with some health issues, so another dear friend stepped in and ran for her. My official time was 50:05, with an average pace of 13:59/mile. That's 4 minutes off of my time on Wednesday (on the same course!!) AND my best pace yet AND it includes a couple minutes stop at a porta potty (not me, but I wasn't gonna leave her hangin'). I think I'm getting better at this thing. Considering none of my trainings have taken me over a mile and a half, I'm happy with it.

Runners were rewarded with a beer from the Rock, a pizza place in the shopping center the race started and ended at. The beer (the Rock's own brew) was mediocre and Papa John's could have made me the same pizza 400x better, but you know what? Nothing feels better than that beer at the end.


Saptilladerky said...

Yay! Congrats Steff! That is so cool that you run these. I sometimes wish I could join ya (don't think my knees could handle it-maybe when I get down to my target weight it might be a different story).

As for what attracts us, sometimes we have to actually learn what we are attracted to. Sure we think we know, but it's not until we see what we are unattracted to that we might be able to see what we are drawn to.

sgcorrie said...

I think you wrote that last bit very well!