Thursday, March 24, 2011

Days 22 & 23

Day 22 - How have you changed in the last two years?

Two years ago, I was working full time, earning very decent money in a job that I hated and felt trapped in. Now I'm a broke college student with two jobs that run one day a week each and I'm so much happier. Whenever I think about the income I used to bring home and how I didn't save a penny of it, I just feel sick. Just proof that money doesn't make you happier!

Day 23 - Five famous guys you find attractive. This one is kind of silly, but I had fun coming up with five, if I must be honest.

Bradley Cooper, now famous because of the Hangover, but was at one time a host of Globe Trekker!
 Sam Rockwell (my favorite character of his is in Matchstick Men)

Mark Coyne from the Flaming Lips. How could you NOT find him adorable?

Robert Downey Jr. I can't tell you why, the guy is an asshole. Maybe that's the appeal?

I had to add my favorite lady. Emily Deschanel. She's vegan and plays a genius scientist that lacks social skills. LOVE.

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Kelsey said...

Dang, dude! Excellent choices, I'm all about Sam Rockwell, Wayne Coyne and RDJr. Major baaabes.