Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The End of the Challenge.

I'm just going to consolidate the remaining posts of the challenge. I think it forced me to write (even if for the most part it was silly unimportant things) and hopefully I can come up with interesting posts from here on out.

Highs & lows of the past month and what I hope to accomplish in the next 30 days.

Highs of March
Spring break!
Running a 6k and not dying
An anniversary (photos to follow)

Waaaaay too much stress over a paper
How sad my mother seems lately
Silly arguments

What do I hope to accomplish? I have an 8k on April 17th (Bridge to Brews, my most anticipated event!) so I hope to finish that and improve upon my times and endurance through the race. I am turning 28 on April 6th, so I would like that to go smoothly and without sistah drama. I also hope to transition right away into my classes! I am super procrastinator, and I swear this quarter will be different.

Jeff and I celebrated 4 years of being together on Monday. We went to Hopworks. I got drunk on a DELICIOUS beer that I don't remember the name of but was 9.7%. I ate hummus. It was a good night.

 9.7%! 9.7%! 9.7%!
 This is a good representation of most of our pictures together. I embarrass him.
This is in the bathroom!! I love it.

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Kelsey said...

Cute pictures!! Congrats on 4 years together. =D