Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 6

Day 6 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

I don't know about interesting, but here goes.

1. I grew up on a farm, and had an awesome horse named Wonder.
2. I'm named after my father.
3. I like to pull hairs out of my head. Not to the extent of going bald, but it's still pretty bad. And it hurts.
4. I have suffered from night terrors since I was a teenager, and lately they're getting bad.
5. I have an extra bone in my foot!
6. I have a crooked smile that I was too ashamed of when I was a kid. I got over that.
7. My favorite beer (at the moment) is the seasonal whiskey barrel aged ale at Hopworks.
8. My favorite food is peanut butter.
9. I hate salad.
10. My least favorite food is a tie between pineapple and baked beans. I just can't stand pineapple, but the smell of baked beans makes me nauseous.
11. I'm vegan! But you knew that. It will be three years this November.
12. I'm one of the few that gained weight on a vegan diet! So silly.
13. I have a slight obsession with traveling, and I wish that I could afford to do it more.
14. Contrary to what I just said about affording traveling, I have been on an airplane at least once every year since 2006. I'd like to thank my good friend that works at an airline.
15. I consider Seattle my second home.
16. I've had m;y cat, Mercutio, for 9 years. He's been with me through several moves, a horrible breakup and is one of my best friends.
17. My airline friend and I once planned a trip to Ukraine, but ended up going to Disneyland.
18. My 21st birthday, I was the most sober member of the party.
19. I'm the biggest procrastinator I know.
20. I'm in the midst of writing 20 pages of final papers about love, torture and Oskar Schindler.
21. I've become an angry driver. I'm down to driving only a couple days a week and would love to cut out more.
22. I'm really good with paper routes. Seriously, it's the first section I go to in the employment classifieds.
23. My memory has been failing me as of late, and I'm turning into a space case.
24. I won the school wide spelling bee in 7th grade and went on to districts. The word I lost on was a form of symphony, but I don't remember what it was!
25. I drove a Chevy custom truck in high school as my poor little Nissan's clutch went out and my dad took FOREVER to fix it. I heard later that while some guys had crushes on me, others were scared. That truck was the shit.
26. My sister and I used to sumo wrestle in our yard.
27. One time I got chased by a dog on my bike. I have never ridden that fast since.
28. My first job was in a pizza parlor.
29. I went to a now defunct business school and goofed off more than I learned.
30. I have really bad handwriting.


Saptilladerky said...

I was loling forward to reading this one and you didn't disappoint!

Do you know what causes your night terrors?
Glad your over not liking your smile! It's a good one!
Mmmm peanut butter... :)
Did you always hate salad or was this something you developed when you became vegan?

Oo...what's your paper on love about and for what class?

I remember doing that route down in the valley fondly. Every time I go down there I can picture the way we went to deliver papers, lol.
For some reason, I want to say you worked at Papa Murphey's...but I don't know why I think this...

Saptilladerky said...

Errr...looking, not loling...stupid phone.

sgcorrie said...

The night terrors stem from stress. It used to be I suffered most during stressful events, but now it's all the time and I hate it.

I've never been a fan of salad! I'll eat it when I have to, or at Lompoc (but only because it's covered in their delicious raspberry vinaigrette).

The paper on love is an analysis on To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. It's totally not the love you're thinking of!

Papa Murphys for 3 months, Figaro's for 3 years :-)

Saptilladerky said...

/sadface at night terrors. Think there might be some underlying problem or stress you don't know about? I'm not trying to analyze you or anything, I just hate it when bad things happen to good people. I don't know much about this kind of thing, but do you think professional help might be an answer?

I'm kind of the same when it comes to salad! The actual greens are blah to me. It's what goes on them that makes it for me. The best salad I've ever had was from this restaurant on the beach in Santa Barbara. Was some kind of avocado salad...mmmmmm.

What is this Lompoc?

Kelsey said...

Steph, I'm officially following your blog now!

I love this 30 day challenge you're doing, it's a lot of fun to read. (I might steal it, too.)

It's crazy what random things we have in common. (trichotillomania!!) I pull on individual hairs without thinking sometimes.. only when I'm super stressed though.)

sgcorrie said...

Hellooooo Kelsey!!

And Chase, did I mention Lompoc? It was my favorite brewery until the gelatin incident.

sgcorrie said...

OH, Silly me, I mentioned Lompoc with the salad. Carry on!