Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a photo, the sequel.

 It was requested that I explain this photo.
It's kind of a love story, I think. I was invited to a birthday party that included pizza. Pizza Hut, to be specific. So a friend that was also going suggested I bring dough and just build my own pizza for myself and another girl who has to avoid dairy.

In some cases, this would be an annoying request, but I was gung ho for the task, and excited to share my most favorite dough recipe. I made an amazing sauce (tomato paste, water, garlic, agave and spices) cut up some mushrooms, broccoli and onions and bought Daiya on the way.

The girl that I was supposed to share with didn't come, so my friend Maria jumped in and built her self a mini-pizza. She proclaimed her excitement over the broccoli. And offered to buy sauce from me if I made it in bulk. Another friend tried a bite and seemed to love it (Crystal, I mean you!).

The party also included Planter's Punch, which I may have had a tiny bit of. It was delicious.

The end.

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