Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lunch on the go!

*I edited this post! If you saw the original post, I apologize, honey had no business being on here!

One of the best things about going to college in Portland is the array of options a student has for lunch. I attend Portland State and have food carts within blocks in 3 directions, Higher Taste burritos in the cafeteria, Sweet Lemon vegan wraps in the student store and a cafe that sells super cheap, super delicious vegan food and baked goods.

While I absolutely love all these options and partake on them occasionally, I am a poor college student! I can't afford to eat out for lunch every day, so I've become the queen of leftovers. My husband doesn't do leftovers - he is terrified of getting sick from food (stemming from a coma incident, he can be OCD about it) so I usually end up with way more than we need. I definitely recommend getting a small thermos - it keeps your food hot (or cold!) and the smaller ones are perfect for portion control, which I suck at. Option 1: the freezer.

I end up throwing so much stuff in the freezer, and I never seem to label it! But let's see if I can decipher what these are...

Obviously, gnocchi from Vegan with a Vengeance. Boil for a couple minutes and voila! Gourmet pasta.

The top is a minestrone type soup, the middle is chili and I believe the bottom bag contains an African peanut type stew. To defrost, I hold the bags under hot running water until the contents start to thaw and then heat it all up on the stove top. Our microwave sucks.

I actually had time to make today's lunch.

Hummus pasta with some giant broccoli spears! The hummus + pasta is a favorite combo, and tends to keep me full longer. And broccoli, obviously, for greens.

A cute lunchbox totally makes all the difference.

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