Friday, November 5, 2010

Top 5 foods of 2010.

While I was going over some of my MoFo posts of 2009, I ran across this little gem. I summed up my 5  favorite foods and why I loved them so. A peek:

Top Five Favorite Foods, in order of most favorite to eh, it's tasty.

1) Peanut butter. While I've had peanut butter all of my life, lately it's been in everything of mine. Oatmeal, sandwiches, sauces, on a spoon....seriously, I got up last night and had two slices of bread with peanut butter on them. Not smooshed together, mind you. Just 2 pieces of bread. I have a problem.

2) Pasta. I'm not even really picky on what kind. I scarf that stuff down and then go back for more. Carb overload queen here.

3) Oatmeal. It's hot, it's nourishing and you can make it as sweet or savory as you want. Currently my favorite is Bob's Red Mill Scottish oats, which takes me back to Gma making us cream of wheat before school....current love is dumping applesauce and nutmeg in it.

4) Beer. What?

5) Potatoes. Doesn't matter what they're in, I'll eat them. Kind of goes along with the beer quite well, thank you.

 Whoa, I was (and still am!) a starchy carb machine. You wonder why I gained weight when I went vegan!

While I still love all those foods with a passion, I love other foods more. Better foods.

1. Squash. Squash has surpassed potatoes as my favorite vegetable. I love roasting it and eating it with a little s & p.

2. Broccoli. We bought broccoli on a somewhat regular basis, but it was the CSA shoving it in our faces every week that got me to really appreciate it!

3. Quinoa. Doesn't this belong on the standard vegan food list? It's crunchy, it picks up seasoning easily, it's adorable.

4. Soy curls. Thank you, Homegrown Smoker, for showing the magic that is BBQ soy curls!

5. Potatoes. This is one I'll keep on the top 5, but it includes sweet potatoes! They're so easy to roast and mash.
(and who am I kidding? I still consume pasta, bread, peanut butter, cookies, cupcakes and beer on a somewhat regular basis)

2 comments: said...

I love pasta way too much, I'd eat it at every meal if I could get away with it. I'm a huge fan of broccoli too - I even have a tattoo of it!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I concur with both of your lists!