Friday, October 9, 2009

Daiya in Portland

Thursdays are my busy days. When I say "day" I mean the last half of the day...I have a silly little shift of 2-5pm and then have class 6-10pm, which interrupts prime dinner making hour.

Yesterday I also managed to sign up for a gym at an awesome discount thank to a friend who works for a very successful, national coffee chain with a mermaid as its logo (hint hint!). I did 30 minutes of the elliptical and came home starving. My first instinct was PB&J, but then I thought about all the work I just did and decided on roasting up my acorn squash.

Now, my mom used to make us acorn squash when we were kids. It was always a holiday treat and she would scoop butter and brown sugar into the squash and mash it all in there. Heavenly. But, as it was roasting, I remembered Sarah's post and the leftover ginger-peanut sauce from last night. Hmmmm...
The combo was rich and filling and just what I needed!

When I got to school, I wandered to the cafeteria for something to accompany my sad Clif bar dinner. I grabbed some coffee and walked to the cooler to check out the fruit cups. Some burritos were lined up and this caught my eye:A vegan burrito with Daiya cheese! I almost jumped up and down but instead paid for the burrito and found the microwave, which was broken. No matter, this baby was good cold. It's made by The Higher Taste, a company that also makes this tasty veggie burger a friend of mine is obsessed with. Hooray for not starving before class!


Smacky Tomato said...

Aw, lucky you. If I founda burrito like that I would start looking around for other signs that I was in the Twilight Zone.

K.E.N. said...

i'm super excited because i heard Higher Taste is going to start making a couple things with soy curls!