Friday, October 23, 2009

Peanut butter cups? They're way existential.

I missed my first MoFo post yesterday! I had a midterm and honestly, food around our house has pretty much been toast and cereal lately.

So Portland is abuzz with the appearance Alicia Silverstone made in our fair city. She published a book earlier this year, The Kind Diet, and Powells hosted a reading. It wasn't EXACTLY a reading, but she talked about her journey to veganism and macrobiotics and answered a ton of questions, all while being charming and the kind of girl you'd probably have a good time with. Not that I'll ever hang out with her, as she's, like, famous and all. The way she wrote the book really speaks to me - she talks about how the food you eat directly impacts your life, and she breaks her plan into a couple different degrees depending on where you are in your diet. She also gets so excited over umeboshi plums, it's adorable.

I'm going to carve pumpkins tonight with some friends and though I would make something out of Alicia's book. I present: Peanut butter cups!!
These puppies are dangerously delicious. Rich. Sweet. Chocolatey.

For lunch, I roasted a delicata squash and a beet. Odd combo, I'm sure, but it's what I had and craving. It made a beautiful, colorful plate that was pretty tasty to boot. Does anybody else eat the seeds of every squash they make? I scarf them down!

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K.E.N. said...

i was wondering about that (eating seeds) when i was making the delicate and the acorn (well, what i call acorn, but apparently it's a circus....or something weird). i never hear of people eating nonpumpkin seeds so i just threw them out since i didn't feel like doing a search on the internet or cleaning the crap off the seeds...