Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vegan Soul Kitchen

Yeah, I promised a series on squash. But after I got home last night from the grocery store, it was 6pm and the husband was working and I didn't want to eat squash all by myself. So I decided to make two cookbook challenge recipes from Bryant Terry's Vegan Soul Kitchen instead. I chose baked sweet potato fries with ginger peanut dipping sauce and rosemary roasted tofu.

The sweet potatoes take 50 minutes to bake into yummy goodness. And I was starving. So I had this:
Almond milk's favorite cookie! Definitely not the best snack I could have had. But I had been thinking of it all week and my body wasn't saying no! When I first went vegan, I had a day of mourning when I thought that Oreos would be banished from my life. Thank god they're just a bunch of man made chemicals and fats!

Anyways, back to Mr Terry. Here's my dinner plate.
I hate getting off of work at 5. By the time dinner is done, the sun has disappeared and I'm left holding my food up to the lamp with no shade, hoping that I'm not shaking. And then all the pictures turn out awful anyways. I'm trying to start up a photography business, but obviously I won't be focusing on food!

Dinner was awesome. The ginger peanut sauce was definitely a yummy kick and the tofu cubes were addicting. My poor tummy is not liking the soy so much these days, but I'll trade a little discomfort for some yummy goodness.

Today is a pretty hectic day, so I'm not sure what kind of post tomorrow will bring....stay tuned!

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