Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some of my favorite places....

I thought I'd spend today's post highlighting some of my personal favorite places to eat in Portland.
#1 - New Old Lompoc. Yes, it's a brewery. Yes, it's not even close to being exclusively vegetarian. But their hummus plate is my favorite in the city and their house salad - without cheese, of course - consists of mesclun greens, roasted beets, strawberries, hazelnuts and a lemon garlic vinaigrette. No crappy iceberg lettuce with a side of slimy tomatoes here! The NW location carries a portobello mushroom burger that can easily be veganized and the location on SE Division, the Hedge House, carries a lovely veggie sandwich with hummus and all the fixins. Oh, and their beer ROCKS. We usually visit after finishing my weekly paper route, which happens to be Miser Mondays....pints of their awesome beer for $2.50 all day!

#2 - Cricket Cafe. No pictures, but when we first moved to Portland, we visited this place within a week of settling in and it was fantastic. They have plenty of vegan options for breakfast and you get unlimited Stumptown while you wait and while you eat. I strongly recommend arriving before the hipster hour of 11am, it'll be really easy to grab a table and take your time with your massive plate of goodness.

#3 - Cellar Door Coffee Roasters Before we visited this coffeeshop, my standby favorite was Fresh Pot on Hawthorne. I find the coffee here is so much richer in flavor and bonus, the building houses Portobello Vegan Trattoria at night. This is the only place I'll get hummus on a bagel.
#4 - Just Thai Thanks to Jess and her never ending adoration of this cart, this is our go-to place for Thai food. Look how much you get for $5! Everything on the menu can be easily veganized, and if you're shy like me and request only part of the meal vegan, they will happily jump in and ask if you'd like the whole dish vegan. They also make vegan Thai iced tea, one of my favorite drinks ever!

#5 - Bye & Bye. This place is on every vegan Portlander's list, and for a good reason. Portions are pretty big and very tasty and their drinks are creative and fun. It's a good place to meet up with friends. They also have Hopworks on tap, which make me happy.

Bonus picture of cats cooking dinner...


vegfoodforthought said...

thanks for the list, I have bookmarked it to add to my list of places to look for when I visit next year!

kittee said...

thanks for this!